The Video Series

Healthier food choices can help us feel and look better, live longer and lead happier lives.

But why is making those choices so difficult?

If we’re busy juggling work, family, errands, and so many other things in our lives, making better food choices turns out to be a challenge for most of us.

Plant-based Eating Made Easy is here to help!  

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Plant-based Eating Made Easy is a one-of-a-kind series of short videos about healthier, plant-based swaps to North America’s favorite foods, like burgers, pizza, ice cream, and more.  

The series is a short-cut to discovering delicious healthy food. It’s designed to make eating more plant-based easy, tasty, and fun for

  • carnivores curious about Beyond Burgers
  • flexitarians looking for new things to eat on Meatless Monday
  • long-time vegans wanting more options when they eat out.   

The series is truly unique...

  • it is not a cooking series
  • it is not a nutrition series

It is a simple swaps series.

It introduces direct, 1-to-1 plant-based replacements for meat, eggs, and dairy foods that look as good, taste as good, and have some health benefits. It’s not about switching from burgers to quinoa, it's about discovering plant-based swaps for your favorite foods.  

In less than 10 minutes each, the videos in the series reveal these swaps and where to find them in restaurant chains and grocery stores. The videos also show quick nutrition comparisons between the swaps and their animal-based counterparts, simple cooking tips, and more.  

To make trying the swaps easy and affordable, under each video there are links to more than $300 worth of coupons and discounts for some foods mentioned in that video.

It’s all designed to make the healthier choice the easy choice. 

Plant-based Eating Made Easy

The video series that makes plant-based eating incredibly easy!

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The Host

This unique series has a unique host. Ken Beller is not a chef or a physician, but someone who has based. He was born into a cattle ranching family and ate the standard American diet for decades. However, his health started to suffer.  

Then Ken met his wife, who was a vegetarian. Through her, he learned about the benefits of plant-based eating and switched to it. Through more than 20 years, he has tried thousands of plant-based foods and eventually found what he believes are the best. But getting to that point was not easy. Now, he wants to make it easy for others. He designed this series to share the best of what he’s found in terms of restaurant dishes, store products, resources, and “hacks.” 

In creating the series, Ken drew on his certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University, plus his background as a chemical engineer, business leader, public speaker, writer, and workshop creator. Through his company Near Bridge, he has presented educational programs for government agencies, non-profit organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.  

Ken is also lead author of The Consistent Consumer, called by author and business leader Jim Kouzes “one of the most important books on customers to come out in years,” and Great Peacemakers, winner of more than 30 awards and endorsed by 3 presidents and 3 Nobel Peace Prize winners.   

More about Ken’s professional background is available on the Near Bridge website and in his full bio. Video of him talking about his plant-based journey is in the series’ first video, “4 Top Questions About Plant-based Eating, Answered,” toward the bottom of the page at plantbasedeating.com.

Ken can be reached at [email protected].